Downtown Streetscape Project Update #11

Fielder’s Choice Enterprises (FCE) hopes to have all of the north side of Main Street completed by the middle of next week. On Monday or Tuesday, FCE will begin the demo of the sidewalk on Wayne Avenue in front of the LL&B building. This work will start at the corner of Wayne and Federal and work its way up to Main Street, turn the corner and continue up the hill. We hope to follow right behind with the reconstruction of the curb and gutter and then the sidewalks. The good news is that there are fewer utilities to either work around and/or install… so hopefully the work will go even faster.

Please note that the work on Wayne Avenue will necessitate a detour of the southbound traffic on Wayne. This detour will only be during working hours and hopefully will last less than 2 weeks.

Finally, as stated before, the Wayne Theatre has begun its reconstruction work!!! They have made additional parking available in the lots behind their offices (i.e. the parking lots in the area between Church Street, Lumos Plaza, and Main Street). Employees and customers are welcomed to park in this area.

If you have any questions, my office phone is 540-942-6604. You can also email me at

You also can visit and look under the “Infrastructure Improvements” tab for more information on this and other downtown revitalization projects. A copy of the Streetscape plans is also available for download at this website.

Michael Barnes, AICP
Director of Planning