Downtown Streetscape Project Update #13

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

The streetscape project will make progress on multiple fronts this week. We hope to mill and repave Wayne Avenue, finish installing the brick pavers in front of the LL&B building and the tree pits along Wayne, and finish the streetlights along the northern side of Main Street. We also hope to finish installing the curb and gutter and driveways along the south side of Main Street.

Please note that we will close Wayne from Federal to Broad Street all day tomorrow, Wednesday the 4th to mill the street. The Main/ Wayne intersection will also be temporarily closed to thru-traffic as the milling machine works through the intersection. We will have the same scenario on Thursday the 5th if it does not rain too much. Otherwise, repaving Wayne will occur the following week. Either way, we will have the sidewalks open and completed in time for the Christmas Parade!!!

If you have any questions, my office phone is 540-942-6604. You can also email me at

You also can visit the “Infrastructure Improvements” tab on this website for more information on this and other downtown revitalization projects. A copy of the Streetscape plans is also available for download at this website.

Michael Barnes, AICP
Director of Planning