Downtown Streetscape Project Update #15

We are almost finished with the streetscape project!!! I want to personally thank you for your patience and support. I hope that you will agree that the final results are worth the hassle. Moreover, I expect that the improved aesthetics will attract more patrons to Downtown and help continue the upward trends in activity and investment that we have seen over the past three years!

What is next? The contractor, Fielder’s Choice, will be finishing up most of the remaining details this week. Their work will include demoing and rebuilding a couple places where the concrete cracked, completing a few aspects of the irrigation and lighting systems, etc. However, there are a few more items that will need to wait for warmer weather, such as paving in the rear of the LL&B parking lot, placing sand in between the brick pavers… If you have any outstanding issues or observations of something that you feel has not been completed, please contact me ASAP.

Finally, we will have a ribbon cutting in late March/early April to celebrate this accomplishment. I will follow up with an email as the details come into focus.

If you have any questions, my office phone is 540-942-6604. You can also email me at

You also can visit and look under the “Infrastructure Improvements” tab for more information on this and other downtown revitalization projects. A copy of the Streetscape plans is also available for download at this website.

Michael Barnes, AICP
Director of Planning