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Downtown Parking

Downtown parking is up for discussion!!!

The City is working on developing strategies and solutions to resolve downtown parking issues as raised by downtown employers, business owners, and customers.

-Downtown Parking Public Meeting (July 1st, 2013) Meeting Presentation
The Planning Department held a public meeting for Downtown Parking on July 1st, 2013. The purpose of the meeting is to present the existing downtown parking conditions, receive comments from the general public on downtown parking issues, and find potential solutions to resolve parking problems.

-Downtown Parking Public Meeting (August 13, 2013) Meeting Presentation
The Planning Department held a second public meeting for Downtown Parking on August 13, 2013. The meeting focused on dicussing a wide range of potential solutions to resolve parking problems in the downtown area. Potential strategies and solutions are proposed in three categories: parking creation, parking enforcement, and parking management. To get a questionnare and leave your comments, please download the sheet now, look at the research below, and bring your comments to the Planning Department.


    • Parking Enforcement
      One of the primary problems identified in the initial parking meeting was spotty enforcement of time limits in high-demand spaces. This document presents research on a number of different enforcement alternatives and addresses some of the potential costs and downsides of each.


  • Parking Management
    This document deals with ways the city can better manage its current parking stock. This includes better direction to open lots, better allocation of time limits, and better placement of employee parking.

GET INVOLVED! It is time to raise questions and make comments! Contact Michael Barnes at 540-942-6604 for more details and information.