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CDBG Facade Grant

The City of Waynesboro shall provide financial incentives to property owners for rehabilitation of commercial storefronts and facades within the CDBG project boundary of Downtown Waynesboro. The designated project area is shown on Map Exhibit A. The City is prepared to offer both financial assistance and technical design assistance to property owners in order to improve the appearance and economic viability of downtown.

The City believes that it is in the public’s interest to improve the aesthetics and physical quality of the project area in order to stimulate reinvestment. Restoration of the facades of privately owned commercial buildings would eliminate blight and deterioration, thus removing impediments to economic growth. The City of Waynesboro and its partners, the Waynesboro Redevelopment & Housing Authority (WRHA) and Waynesboro Downtown Development, Inc. (WDDI) have established the storefront improvement program to:
1. promote an economically viable and harmonious corridor that attracts and provides for the needs of businesses, institutions, residents, and shoppers;
2. contribute to elimination of visual clutter detrimental to an attractive commercial center by eliminating incompatible building materials, colors, and signs;
3. restore blighted storefronts and other building and site elements visible from the public right-of-way to a level where they are compatible with their surroundings and aesthetically pleasing; and
4. promote economic development by providing an incentive for property owners to renovate their buildings for occupancy by new or expanding businesses.


Program Description

The City of Waynesboro, through a FY11 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) award, has budgeted up to $175,000 to provide matching grant/deferred loans to property owners within the CDBG revitalization area for facade improvements. The matching grant/deferred loan must be applied to physical construction. The City has also budgeted up to $35,000 for architectural design assistance for the property owners.

The CDBG matching grant/deferred loan is strictly for improvements to the exterior of the building visible from the public right-of- way. This generally excludes repairs to the building’s roof, unless such improvements clearly contribute to enhancing the visual environment.

The matching grant/deferred loan may be applied to the facade: front, rear, and exposed side(s) of buildings. As a general rule, 70 percent of the proposed grant/deferred loan budget will be the minimum expenditure allowed for the main street front facade. The other exposed sides and rear of the building, as well as the rest of the lot, may receive up to 30 percent of the loan for improvements. Exceptions to this guideline may be granted by the Design Committee based on the level of improvements needed on each face of the building. The property owner must match the grant/deferred loan amount with other exterior or interior improvements to the building, or with site improvements designed to address a specific blight condition on the lot. The matching grant/deferred loan program will be administered by the City Manager or his designated representative, and will be available from March 1, 2012 until funds are exhausted or closeout of the City’s CDBG project, whichever comes first. The program may be extended if new sources of funds become available to the City of Waynesboro. Recipients of matching grants/deferred loans will be required to execute a legally binding agreement with the City.

(See Manual for more details: Click here.)