Downtown Streetscape

South River Greenway

Constitution Park

Downtown Bridges


Citizens and groups are encouraged to get involved in these and other ongoing City projects. For questions about Planning Department activities, please call (540) 942-6604.


Infrastructure is the foundation upon which a successful city is built. Over time, infrastructure wears out and it is necessary to reinvest in our roads, utilities, bridges, sidewalks, parks, etc. If we do not reinvest, the decay drives away the incentive for private sector to reinvest in our Downtown. Over the past several years, Waynesboro has begun a serious commitment to re-invest in its infrastructure assets. This section of the website details these infrastructure investments.

The goal is to complete these infrastructure improvements by the end of 2014. This date is important because it coincides with our other revitalization efforts and provides an opportunity to create a tipping point – a point where the momentum built up by multiple projects can kick start private sector investment in residential development project, new businesses, and expansions. The more people who understand and participate in revitalization effort, the easier it will be to achieve a critical mass and push the Downtown over this tipping point.

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