South River Greenway

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Fish Deck

Project Narrative

Constitution Park

Project Purpose: Develop the northern half of Constitution Park (between Main and Broad Streets) to connect Downtown to the River and to provide Downtown residents and employees an outdoor recreation area. Provide space for small festivals, farmer’s markets, river access.
Project Area: The northern half of Consititution Park between Main and Broad Streets.
Types of Physical Improvements: Paved trails, benches, landscaping, hardscaped areas, and trees within the existing parking lot.
Budget: $177,000
Grant/ Fundraising Period: 2009 to 2011
Funding Source: Federal Community Block Grant (CDBG)/ City Match/ Local Contributions
Construction Period: Summer 2015 to Winter 2015
Current Status: Completed
Contact Person: Dwayne Jones, Director of Parks and Recreation (540)942-6735

Constitution Park Improvements at the Intersection of Main Street and Arch Avenue Completed
Work has been finished on the first phase of the CDBG project in the Constitution Park focused on a better connection to downtown. The area at the intersection of Main Street and Arch Avenue is improved with new stairs and landscaped area.

Constitution Park 2012 Master Plan
The City hired consultant team, McCormick Taylor/LPDA, is developing a master plan for the northern and southern halves of Constitution Park in concert with Phase 2 of the greenway.


Constitution Park 2011 Concept Plan
The hand sketch is from Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Application proposed for Constitution Park.