Broad Street Bridge

Main Street Bridge

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Main Street Detour Plan
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Main Street Bridge

Built in 1934, the Main Street Bridge is a major route to Downtown Waynesboro. It carries about 6,000 vehicles daily. VDOT has rated the bridge as a deficient structure and determined that the entire bridge, included the abutments and piers, needs to be replaced.
Working with the City, VDOT has designed a two-lane replacement bridge with bike lines, street lights, and 6-foot sidewalks on both sides of the bridge. This proposed bridge is narrower than the initial design which called for a third lane to facilitate the left turn movements onto McElroy Street. However, the City agreed to the removal of McElroy and the construction of a new parallel street, Race Avenue, as part of the VDOT bridge replacement project. Removing and rebuilding these streets actually saves on construction money and long-term maintenance costs, consolidates the park into a larger green space that will eventually provide room for a marquee festival ground, and provides redevelopment possibilities for the properties fronting the new Race Avenue.
The project will begin construction on February 10, 2016. The Main Street Bridge and Main Street from Arch Avenue to East Avenue, as well as McElroy Street will be closed for construction for about 18-24 months. Detour signs are being placed this week and once the official traffic control signs have been positioned, the city will be adding “Business District” directional signs to guide visitors and citizens to the Main Street area. All thru traffic will be directed to Broad Street at Rosser Ave / Main Street and Main St / Dupont Ave.