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Latest Announcements

Streetscape Proejct Update
Fielder’s Choice Enterprises (FCE) is starting to pick up speed with the streetscape project and things are really starting to look great!!!
Updated Plans for Downtown Streetscape Improvements
The City is currently implementing streetscape improvements on West Main Street between Wayne Avenue and Church Street, and on Wayne Avenue between Federal Street and West Broad Street.
Citizen’s Information Meeting
Waynesboro Downtown Development’s Design Committee and the City Planning Department are co-hosting a Citizen’s Information Meeting.

Project Documents

Streetscape Project-Phase II Plans

Main Street-Phase Two

Project Purpose: Improve the aesthetic of the street in order to attract shoppers, tourists, and reinvestment in the buildings
Project Area: West Main Street from Church Street to Arch Avenue. Wayne Avenue from Main Street to Lumos Plaza.
Types of Physical Improvements: New sidewalks, street trees, brick banding along sidewalks, bricked bump outs, street lights, landscaping in surface parking lots, and repaving of Main Street.
Budget: $811,500
Grant/ Fundraising Period: 2009 to 2010
Funding Source: Federal Transportation Enhancement Grant/ 20% City Match/ VDOT Urban Maintenance Funds
Construction Period: Summer 2013 to Spring 2014
Current Status: Completed
Contact Person: Michael Barnes, Director of Planning (540) 942-6604



Main Street Phase Two