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Wayne Avenue

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Streetscape Project-Wayne Avenue Plans

Wayne Avenue

Project Purpose: Improve the aesthetic of the street in order to attract shoppers, tourists, and reinvestment in the buildings
Project Area: Wayne Avenue from Federal Street to Main Street. Wayne Avenue from Lumos Plaza to Broad Street.
Types of Physical Improvements: New sidewalks, street trees, brick accents at the intersections, street lights.
Budget: $307,500
Grant/ Fundraising Period: 2009 to 2011
Funding Source: Federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)/ City Match
Construction Period: Summer 2013 to Spring 2014
Current Status: Completed
Contact Person: Michael Barnes, Director of Planning (540) 942-6604



Wayne Avenue

[img src=]1340N Wayne 01-15-14
[img src=]300S Wayne working on the pedestrian light 01-15-14
[img src=]350S Wayne paving 12-5-13
[img src=]320N Wayne milling 12-5-13
[img src=]360
[img src=]460N Wayne Yancey Building Parking Lot 10-4
[img src=]220N Wayne Yancey Building Parking Lot 9-20
[img src=]410N Wayne between Lumos Plaza and West Main Street Sep. 3, 2013
[img src=]180S Wayne under construciton August 28, 2013; brick paved, concrete poured
[img src=]210S Wayne under construciton August 1, 2013
[img src=]260N Wayne under construction August 1, 2013
[img src=]190
[img src=]240
[img src=]440
[img src=]500
[img src=]480
[img src=]490
[img src=]510
[img src=]1780