Greenway Trail-Phase 1

Greenway Trail-Phase 2

Greenway Master Plan

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Greenway Online

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The City’s Greenway System

The City began planning a City-wide greenway trail system in 2000. Sections of the system were built by the developers of the Ana Marie and Claybrook subdivisions, but Phase 1 and 2 of the South River Greenway Trail represent the first publicly constructed trails.

While greenway trails provide are an amenity used by all city residents, the South River Trail is particular important to the revitalization of Downtown. First, the South River Trail provides a place for office workers to exercise on their lunch break and future residents to get outside. Second, it provides fishing access in dedicated areas for tourists and citizens alike. Completing the 2-mile stretch of the South River Greenway between the YMCA and North Park is a high priority.